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Reviews of Journey of the Heart
The Path of Conscious Love

John Welwood's Journey of the Heart is a very timely and helpful book that shows how both women and men benefit from relations based on partnership rather than domination.

Riane Eisler
author of The Chalice and the Blade


I am impressed with John Welwood's thinking about critical issues in relationships and his attempt to ground relationship issues in a larger, transpersonal framework. I agree with his view that difficulties provide us with opportunities to grow, to expand our sense of self, and to connect with others in deeper ways. I enjoyed and appreciated that he sees relationships in the larger context of reality and attempts to ground the ordinary in the transcendent realm. What makes this book helpful is that he offers practical processes which can be used to help persons in conflicted relationships... He offers a conceptual and practical pathway from the ordinary experience of everyday conflicts and issues to spiritual evolution. I heartily endorse his efforts.

Harville Hendrix
author of Getting the Love You Want


This book teaches one how to take up an inner position from which one can begin to work on one's most intractable feelings in relation to another person- so that they become a path of self-development for both individuals.

Eugene Gendlin
author of Focusing

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