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The Body as a Field of Presence:
Integrating Psychological, Spiritual, and Embodiment Work

Most people in our culture suffer some level of disembodiment, where the mind is disconnected from the body, the earth, the heart, the belly, and the field of open, expansive awareness. This intensive retreat will address this problem through helping you inhabit yourself, your awareness, and the stream of your experiencing in a more fully embodied way.

The lived body is like a plant reaching toward the sun: It naturally wants to move in the direction of greater freedom, openness, and expansiveness. Because the body always abides in the here and now, it is our most accessible gateway to presence.

In this retreat you will learn to enter into this “wisdom body” through the medium of sensation, feeling, and awareness. Grounding in the belly and heart, you will learn to open up to feeling and emotion, track the flow of where and how you are, and unpack conditioned patterns that block access to the body as a field of presence.

This retreat is largely devoted to experiential work: embodiment exercises, psychospiritual inquiry, and meditation practices that cultivate embodied presence and awareness. There will also be short talks and discussions.

John Welwood, Ph.D., was a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, an editor of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, and teacher whose work integrates Buddhist teachings with Western psychological practice. His books include Toward a Psychology of Awakening: Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and the Path of Personal and Spiritual Transformation; Journey of the Heart; Love and Awakening; andmost recently, the award-winning Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships.